The use of the Humitech System will provide many benefits to the user, such as:

1. A Decrease of Trim loss in Perishables
Examples are: Lettuce stays crisper longer and does not brown on the edges as quickly. Mushrooms do not brown as quickly and the caps look better for longer periods of time. Berries do not get moldy as rapidly. Deli meats do not need end pieces sliced off. Meat needs less trimming and does not lose as much weight due to dry air moving the moisture from the product. Seafood does not build up a slimy surface as rapidly or dry out as quickly.

2. An Increase in the Quality of Perishables
Examples are: Crisper lettuce, juicier meats, firmer seafood, chocolate that does not discolor, more beautiful berries and fresher flowers.

3. A Reduction in Energy Consumption
Humidity contains latent heat requiring a cooler that has excess humidity to operate longer to maintain the desired temperature. With a reduction of excess humidity there is also a reduction in compressor running time resulting in energy' savings. Once excess humidity is removed defrost cycles can be reduced resulting in further energy savings. Since the compressor is running less, maintenance will be reduced and an increase in the life span of the cooling system hardware can be realized.

4. Odor and Taste Contamination is Controlled
As the panels eliminate excess humidity from the cooler, they also trap airborne bacteria that can cause odors. A significant reduction in bacteria and odors can be realized resulting in a reduction in cross contamination of stored perishables and an increase in food quality.

5. Absorbs Gases such as Ethylene and Pectin are Absorbed
Ethylene gas which promotes the premature ripening of fruits, vegetables and flowers is reduced. This results in products that last longer and are improved in quality.

6. Improved Hygiene of the Cooler
Walls, floors, surfaces and containers become drier. This results in a safer food storage environment and helps reduce potential accidents. Airborne bacteria are also reduced and colder operating temperatures can be realized, all adding up to a safer food storage environment.